Published on September 5, 2017
Vartika Kashyap
Marketing Manager at ProofHub


What comes to your mind when you think of office culture? Definitely the values, behavior and rules in any company. Values are the most vital in creating the culture of a company. This includes: Your values in the company and Your personal value as a leader.
I would say that office culture has the strongest impact on business results and employee retention. Because it improves the self-esteem of employees’. As employer turnover is costly, the companies have to look for the ways to retain their employees for as long as possible.

See how office culture affects employee performance.

Let’s divide employees into two groups: One group was following the normal procedure of the time and second was placed in an area that suited their particular personality. The results of this division were quite amazing. Those placed under their particular personality were feeling more competent at work that others.

Thus, it is clear that a positive cultural fit will boost the spirit of the employees which will make them more capable of bringing out the best of their ability. This will also affect your business in many ways, like:

Increased efficiency: A healthy office culture will bring an positive effect on the efficiency of doing work. By providing employees with

concise information, days off as they need and providing seamless collaboration with other teams will help drive efficiency in the company. Better retention rate: The important part is to know who your employees to develop your culture in a better way. For the success of any company it is important to listen to your clients, customers and employees.

Boost in passion: Make your employees feel truly invested in their jobs by giving them the ideal culture environment. If the employees love really love your culture, they will feel passionate about the work they are doing.
It was also reported by Kristof – Brown in an analysis that the employees who fit well in the company have greater job satisfaction and are more recognized by their company. It also results in several other positive outcomes like more commitment and superior job performance.
And what is the impact of negative culture?
Employees’ may feel unhappy and disinterested which may result into Absenteeism. Sick leaves. People resigning from their duties or work slipping through cracks.

To avoid the negative culture impact, there are a few things that every company needs to realize as critical for employee retention.

Shortage of talent: Every part of the world is becoming technically strong and there is huge demand for jobs in various fields. There are also chances that a skillful person would choose a company with low prestige than the one who pays well. Why? Because it offers culture that they are looking for.

Communicate about your brand: Of course anyone would get to know the culture of the company after they start working there. Employers shouldn’t just generate the history of their company, but also convey the company values showing your uniqueness to create the level of trust.

Office culture needs to be fortified: It is just not enough to have office culture that fits employees. It needs to be supported with the way people behave and communicate. It requires some sense of leadership and in accordance with the happiness of the employees.

Standards of company: Apart from the role of the employers, a company needs to build a great culture so that all the employees contribute towards the organization of culture. This will help to hire more workers during the need.

All these things will happen when you are more focused on the results that you are looking for. A decision making rules for employees is merely dependent on culture and values. The office culture is more than just an general attitude which will keep the employees more engaged and happy in their work.

If you are able to preserve office culture, nobody can stop you from being on track to achieve your goals.